Founding member of Greece’s most advanced IVF center.

In September 2015, the “Institute of Life” Assisted Reproduction Center (IOLIFE) started its operation on the ground floor of IASO; Dr. Vasilopoulos was a co-inspirer and co-founder of this ambitious project.

Since the first months of its operation, IOLIFE has already established itself as the largest and most advanced IVF center in Greece, and one of the most modern and technologically innovative Assisted Production Centers in Europe.

The center’s main goal is to create the ideal conditions, always with utmost respect to the strictest rules of quality and safety, so that couples struggling with infertility can conceive.

The ample space, the state-of-the-art facilities, the most innovative technology implemented as well as the RI Witness system (a management system that ensures the credibility of the entire IVF process) are the reasons why the Institute of Life in IASO has already been described as an exemplar center for Greece.

For more information visit, the official site of the Institute of Life.