Observing a woman’s natural menstrual cycle is intended to determine her ovulation days in order to adequately schedule sexual intercourse.

With a series of intravaginal ultrasounds, starting from day 1 to 3 of the menstrual cycle, we measure both the size and the development of the ovaries, but also the endometrium thickness. There are times when a Chorionic Gonadotrophin booster injection can enhance the ovulation process, aiding the final gestation of the ova.

This is a moderate, gentle method of assisted reproduction, usually followed by either women with an irregular cycle or couples who, due to their lifestyle find it necessary to schedule their intercourses in order to optimize the likelihood of a pregnancy.

Ideally, the expectant mother should either be less than 35 years old with no other causes of infertility (male or female), or over 43 years of age with multiple IVF failures.